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Gun Violence Public Speaker

Crystal is an engaging, inspiring speaker who focuses on diversity and grief. She is an advocate for families affected by violence and serves families through hope, restoration, and resilience.

I Help Restore & Inspire Individuals, Families, and Communities Who Have Experienced The Unexpected Loss of Loved Ones

Crystal Turner is a Columbus, Ohio based

Community Leader and Speaker who 

transformed the untimely and tragic death

of her children into a movement to help

others cope, heal, and find hope after turmoil.

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Activist & Public Speaker

Crystal Turner helps those who have lost children to violence utilize their community resources. She also works with the city council in changing or assisting in legislation that would be beneficial to those families who have been impacted and affected by trauma

Previous Public Speaking Engagements

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gun violence activist
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Gun Violence Activist FAQs

Got a question? We're here to help. 

Can you tell me more about your mission?

Since 2015, Crystal Turner has worked diligently to help others find hope after tragedy. In late 2009, Crystal began imagining what her life would look like as the youngest of her four children approached adulthood. In June of 2012, at the age of 45, Crystal celebrated her youngest son turning 18, graduating from high school, and starting to prepare for his future. At the time, Crystal was comfortable in her career with her second oldest daughter as Chief Operations Manager of “Success Kidz”, the childcare brand she was building from the ground up. 

The next couple of years had its share of life-changing moments for Crystal. During 2015, she had spoken and sometimes even argued with her daughter about retiring as her right hand in childcare. Crystal desired to do something for herself, after all, her kids were grown and making their own marks in society. 

On Wednesday, April, 1 2015 (April Fool’s Day) at 12 noon, Crystal received a call that changed everything in and about her life. Two of her adult children had been murdered during their lunch break, as her oldest daughter and her were getting lunch just three blocks away. From the moment Crystal received that call, nothing about her life has been the same. As a result of her son and daughter being murdered, she has become an advocate for families affected by violence; because nothing about her life has been “normal” since that day. Since that day, Crystal has worked as an activist and public speaker sharing what she calls a “New Normal Life”. She works hard to provide inspiration and resources to others who have suffered from gun violence and trauma. Each day, Crystal boldly chooses to live life abundantly. “I went to sleep in a nightmare, but I woke up with a purpose to serve families through hope, restoration, and resilience.” said Crystal. 

What events are you available for? 

Crystal is available to speak with corporations, prisons, churches, women and youth empowerment groups. She can speak as a keynote speaker, moderator, panelist, and workshop facilitator.


What topics do you cover in your speeches?

Crystal Turner is an experienced speaker who is passionate about sharing her story to help listeners heal from the unexpected loss of loved ones.

Book Crystal to speak for your group. She can cover topics that include:

  • Living the "New Normal" After Tragedy

  • How to Become the Architect of Your Life and Redesign Your Mindset

  • Baring Our Wounds: Being Resilient Beyond the Pain

  • Learning How to Thrive and Not Just Survive

  • Life After Domestic Violence

  • Why Should I Forgive You?

  • Surviving My Purpose

What is a gun violence activist

As a gun violence activist, Crystal Turner focuses on working with the city council in changing or assisting in legislation that would be beneficial to those families who have been impacted and affected by trauma. A gun violence activist interacts with the community and helps those who have gone through trauma find community resources and overcome challenges. As an activist and public speaker, Crystal speaks at various events to raise awareness around gun violence, diversity, and inclusion. A goal of Crystal’s as a gun violence activist, is to empower and inspire the community around her to bring about change in the community. If you are interested in booking Crystal for your event, please contact us here.